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The menu

Welcome to the restaurant Le Tremplin in Morzine : check out our full menu below!

Transparency, carefully selected products, honest quality / price ratio … this is what we defend today at Le Tremplin. As you know, our Chef Maître Restaurateur Jonathan Limosino makes a point of using fresh and quality products to bring you tasty homemade dishes.

Discover our entire menu below, combining flavors of the world and local specialties. Also, find out more about our producers and the origin of our products. You can consult the tab provided for this purpose. Likewise, for those of you who have a sweet tooth: our Pastry Chef constantly innovates throughout the season, to offer you tasty and original desserts. Check out her desserts below, made from products also referenced in our database!

The cornerSalads & Starters

Detox salad

15,00 €
Mixed salad, crunchy vegetables, spelt, avocado, red beans with coriander, pomegranate

Poached eggs

24,00 €
Poached eggs, mushroom fricasse with cream and fresh Italian truffles

Cardini Ceasar salad

20,00 €
Mixed salad, french chicken or Bomlo salmon, parmesan shavings, capers, hard-boiled egg, tomato confit, breadsticks, caesar sauce

Tremplin salad

20,00 €
Mixed salad, Savoy cured ham, Mont Charvin dry sausage, homemade terrine, Savoy tomme, walnuts, fresh grapes, red onion

Omega 3 salad

21,00 €
Green and red cabbage salad, marinated Bomlo salmon, avocado, seed and oilseed mix, poached egg, nut and cider dressing

Vegetable soup of the day

16,00 €
Vegetable soup of the day, Savoie tomme cheese from the Caly farm, grilled toast

Onion soup

16,00 €
Onion soup, Savoie tomme cheese from the Caly farm, grilled toast

Piglet, duck and pistachio terrine

16,00 €
Piglet, duck and pistachio terrine, shallot compote, porto wine

Mushrooms crust

20,00 €
Oven baked bread with mushrooms, Beaufort shavings, Mont Charvin delicatessen

Marinated Bomlo salmon

22,00 €
Marinated Bomlo salmon, hot potatoes, cream of herbs, red oignons and garlic

The cornerMeat

* Sides: Falafel, pan-fried winter vegetables, french fries, basmati rice, linguine pasta,gratin dauphinois

Simmental Entrecote cooked

36,00 €
Rib steak reduced sauce and grated fresh trufflle

Glazed pork ribs

22,00 €
Spicy glazed pork ribs with candied onions

Farmhouse roast half chicken

21,00 €
Farmhouse roast half chicken Label rouge

Chopped steak with fried egg *

19,00 €
170g Minced steak, bacon and fried egg

Black Angus sirtbin steak cooked *

22,00 €
Black angus flank steak cooked with plancha

Simmental entrecote cooked *

30,00 €
Rib steak cooked with plancha (200g)

Grilled veal rib steak *

29,00 €
Grilled veal rib steak

Charolais knife cut beef tartare classic *

22,00 €
Charolais knife cut beef tartare, Classic version: onions, gherkins, parsley, egg yolk, Worcestershire, Tabasco

Traditional Hotpot

22,00 €
Hotpot french pork, winter vegetables

Charolais knife cut beef tartare classic *

24,00 €
Charolais knife cut beef tartare, Caesar sauce, basil pesto, pine nuts, candied tomatoes, parmesan

6,00 €

Homemade sauce

3,00 €
Mushrooms, green pepper, candied shallot, blue cheese

siders meat & fish

Falafel, pan fried vegetables, french fries, gratin Dauphinois, basmati rice, linguine

The cornerFishes

* Sides: Falafel, pan-fried winter vegetables, french fries, basmati rice, linguine pasta, gratin dauphinois

Roasted bomlo salmon *

23,00 €
Roasted Bomlo salmon, virgin oil and balsamic sauce

Pan-fried Black Tiger prawns and scallop

27,00 €
Coriander and lime

Snacked sea bass fillet *

25,00 €
Herb oil and candied lemon

The cornerSlates

Cheese selection from Caly Farm (Vallée d'Aulps

20,00 €
Tomme, Goat's cheese, Reblochon, Beaufort, tête de moine

Savoy, charcuterie selection

20,00 €
16 month smoked ham, coppa, home made terrine and dried meat


24,00 €
Chicken tacos with crispy vegetables, prawn ceviche with coriander, guacamole, red bean salad and salsa


20,00 €
Smoked ham, coppa, goat's cheese, Beaufort, Reblochon

The cornerPasta & Risottos

Linguine & grated fresh truffles

26,00 €

Mushrooms Risotto

28,00 €
dried meat from Mont Charvin and winter truffles

Bolognese pasta

16,00 €

Carbonara Pasta

16,00 €

Bleu d'Auvergne

18,00 €

Primavera pasta

18,00 €
Fresh vegetables and fresh herbs

Fresh vegetables & herbs

20,00 €

French free-range chicken, mushrooms

24,00 €

Bomlo salmon & Black Tiger prawns

26,00 €

The cornerSavoyard

Traditional tartiflette

19,00 €
Potatoes, onions, bacon, reblochon cheese

Veggie tartiflette

19,00 €
Potatoes, onions, reblochon cheese

Skier plate

23,00 €
Rösti, ham, raclette cheese, fried egg

Hot Box

28,00 €
Hot Clarines cheese, Mont Charvin delicatessen, boiled potates and salad

The cornerBurgers

Served with fries and salad

Le Classique Burger

20,00 €
Steak, salad, burger sauce

Le Yaute

23,00 €
Minced steak, onion stew with red wine, bacon, reblochon cheese, salad, homemade sauce

Le Veggie

22,00 €
Falafel patty, salad, roasted pepper, red onion, hummus with cuminf

Le Tex Mex

23,00 €
Free-range poultry or salmon "Le Bomlo", guacamole, salsa, piquillos and salad

The cornerWorld

Thai curry Veggie

17,00 €
Curry and coconut mil sauce, vegetables and rice noodles

Thai curry Chicken

22,00 €

Thaï salmon curry

23,00 €

Thai curry Gambas

25,00 €

Pad Thaï Veggie

19,00 €
Rice noodles, vegetables, green onion tops, peanuts and coriander

Pad Thaï Gambas Black Tiger ot chicken

24,00 €
rice noodles, vegetable, green onion tops, peanuts and coriander, fried egg

Salmon Chirashi

23,00 €
Bowl of sushi rice with marinated salmon, avocado, wakame, marinated ginger, wasabi, toasted sesame seeds

The cornerKids

* Sides: french fries, pasta, basmati rice, falafel, pan-fried vegetables


10,00 €
Salade, bolognese pasta, dessert kid

Classic Chicken *

13,00 €
Salad, chicken, dessert kid, french fries OR pasta Or Basmati rice Or falafel fritter Or vegetables

Classic Beef *

13,00 €
Salad, beef steak, dessert kid french fries OR pasta Or Basmati rice Or falafel fritter Or vegetables

Classic Salmon *

13,00 €
Salad, salmon, dessert kid french fries OR pasta Or Basmati rice Or falafel fritter Or vegetables


14,00 €
Salad, cheese burger, french fries, dessert kid french fries OR pasta Or Basmati rice Or falafel fritter Or vegetables

The cornerSweets

Homemade dessert

Discover the suggestions , according to the arrival of the day... Consult your server. (Between 8,00 € and 13,00 €)

Gourmet Coffee

11,00 €
With homemade bite size desserts

Gourmet hot chocolate, tea or latte

13,00 €
With homemade bite size desserts

Gourmet Champagne

17,00 €
With homemade bite size desserts

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